Community Driven Slum Upgrading Pilot Project In Yogyakarta

Community-Driven Rehabilitation After the Merapi Volcanic Eruption
October 25, 2017

Kalijawi Association (Paguyuban), Special Region Of Yogyakarta

Kalijawi is the first independent community-driven slum upgrading pilot program by Arkomjogja. Starting with data collection, arkomjogja started organizing communities to document the locations of slum kampungs along the riverbanks of Yogyakarta, and networking one another within one community organization. We also introduced the use of alternative technologies such as bamboo for infrastructure and community facility construction and improvements. We also introduced womens savings as a financial system to facilitate, housing renovations. By May 2015, the association had grown to 217 members, in 23 groups, and renovated 235 houses independently.

Arkomjogja and Kalijawi work together with communties in Jogja in four activities (i) city-wide community mapping and analysis to understand the physical and non-physical aspects of the environment (ii) community planning, including process design and preparation of a community development team, (iii) design implementation, and (iv) evaluation by the community, and people to people processes sharing / community exchanges.

After 2 years of the revolving fund, a CDF in Yogyakarta launched as a city fund with agreed upon terms and conditions to be a part of the national revolving fund. The revolving fund system runs at the provincial level (Yogyakarta, Sleman and Bantul) offering affordable loans to the poor for housing and settlement upgrading, as well as social and educational needs, and for economic livelihoods. This year the CDF has 217 members with a total fund 46,200 USD which is used for housing 21%, economy 44%, education 29%, and special needs 4%. The annual interest returned for housing 11% annual, economy 12% annual, social 6% annual. These financial support systems activate building a community self-reliance, and resolve basic problems in the kampungs but also was able to move large empowerment in a city wide network.

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