The Department of Housing and Regional Infrastructure (Kimpraswil) recorded slum areas in Yogyakarta area reaching 278.7 hectares, or 8.17% of the total city area. 90 percent of which located on the riversides of Kali Code, Gajahwong and Winongo rivers.

Paguyuban Kalijawi is a network of riverside women saving groups on the Winongo & Gajahwong riverside communities. The communities are driven by a similarity of problems in the riverside areas such as, insecure tenure, sanitation, economy, health, and waste. The main activities of the Paguyuban Kalijawi consist of: saving, renovation and development activities, network activity and capacity building of the networks members.

Kalijawi is the first independent community-driven slum upgrading pilot program by Arkomjogja. Starting with data collection, arkomjogja started organizing communities to document the locations of slum kampungs along the riverbanks of Yogyakarta, and networking one another within one community organization. We also introduced the use of alternative technologies such as bamboo for infrastructure and community facility construction and improvements. We also introduced womens savings as a financial system to facilitate, housing renovations. By May 2015, the association had grown to 217 members, in 23 groups, and renovated 235 houses independently.

February 12, 2019

CAN Co-Create Regional Workshop with Kampung Beting Pontianak.

we are together, from, for, and by Kampung Beting Community Activities with the Co-Creation model are being warmly discussed in a planning process, especially planning that […]