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ArkomJogja Methods

March 3, 2016
Arkomjogja Activities
March 3, 2016

Arkomjogja is an organization consisting of various multidisciplinary sciences dedicated to the movement of community architects. Arkomjogja works together as a community:

1. mutual help,

2. across social strata, and

3. cross-disciplinary knowledge

Arkomjogja divided the implementation methods into 4 step, participatory mapping, participatory planning and design, implementation (doing a construction with the community) and evaluation. It was drawn in the diagram.

Survey and mapping is a medium to achieve participation. Useful as a collective understanding of the problem, in the determination of priorities, and in search for solutions, as well as an initial step for the development by the community.

Methods and tools that often used by Arkomjogja when working together with community are:

• Community work

• Community mapping and planning

• Alternative technology

ArkomJogja Approach

• Community-Driven

• Local People as a subject

• Local Technologies

• Local Knowledge and Spirit “gotong royong”