Selaka Kotagede held Public Discussion in Ilham Gallery, Kuala Lumpur

Sustainable Bamboo Forestry (SBF) in Myanmar
December 14, 2017
ArkomJogja Settlement Profiling Workshop
December 14, 2017

At the 4th of November, Arkomjogja with Architects’ community group Arkomjogja, the silversmiths of Kotagede, Yogyakarta and AirAsia Foundation Director Yap Mun Ching discuss community-led approaches being taken to meet the conservation and sustainability needs of Kotagede and her artisans based on Kotagede experiences.

Kotagede is the site of the original capital of the Islamic Mataram Sultanate, the last major Javanese kingdom before Dutch colonisation. As the Mataram empire rose in prestige in the early 17th Century, Hindu craftsmen were engaged to embellish city walls while artisans, particularly silversmiths, gravitated to the city to serve the needs of the affluent royal courts. The demise of the empire in later centuries saw the economic decline of the city. However, it remains one of the few walled old cities of Java with a large concentration of traditional buildings and artisan clusters which are under threat of disappearing.

Public Discussion in Ilham Gallery, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia facilitated by AirAsia Foundation with special guests are 9 silversmiths group from Jagalan Village, Kotagede Yogyakarta and Arkomjogja, the architects group who work with poor communtiy in the urban, rural, heritage site and disaster areas.

This session is very important to promoting community-led approach on the heritage conservation. 3 years working with community in heritage site, Arkomjogja using social-enterprise strategy to build awareness and togetherness as a power of community.

Now, the evidence that local people, sliversmiths group named "Selaka Kotagede" show what they do during last 3 years. Before, they don't have bargaining with the local market. Daily activity on silver works as a labor. High-skill, unique, from generation to generations experience, this is the real heritage, intangible heritage from Jagalan Village. In this session silversmiths group show new silver products: charms, necklaces, and some silver products with animal series.

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