ArkomJogja Settlement Profiling Workshop

Selaka Kotagede held Public Discussion in Ilham Gallery, Kuala Lumpur
December 14, 2017
Community Based Study of Kampong : Collaboration with Queensland University
September 13, 2018

2 days community workshop facilitated by Adian Coalition for Housing Right (ACHR), Homeless Peoples’ Federation Philippines (HPFPI) and Arkomjogja was held in Yogyakarta 28-29 October, 2017. Participants of this workshop is community architects from Yogyakarta, Solo and Surabaya who work with poor communities, and also community leaders from Kalijawi Network Organization.

Day 1, held on Duta Wacana Christian University discussed about sharing experience from Philippines, what is settlement profiling platform, how to do with community leaders, understanding contents of questionare and introducing GPS.

2nd day, participants devided in 3 informal communities; ledok sudagaran with cempaka group, sidomulyo with ciptomulyo group and in tanjung group. Working in3 locations of informal settlement along Winongo riverside participants learn how to operating GPS to marking informal settlements border.

3rd day the workshop’s facilitators, community architects and all community leaders discuss how to input datas from GPS to the global platform and make detailed plan for next 6 months.

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