Paguyuban Pringgomukti

Paguyuban Pringgomukti (Pringgomukti Community) formed in September, 2014 with 50 households who lived in "ngindung" land who owned privatly since 1930. All of the family live in administrative area of RT 29 and RT 30 at RW 08 in Pringgokusuman, Ngampilan, Yogyakarta City.

Ngindung is a traditional concept to rent a plot of plant to others with a cheap rental price (less than 100.000 rupiah for every house each year) and has been establish at Yogyakarta since Colonial era. One of the requirements given by the landowner to the tenant is the tenant not allowed to build a house with permanent material (house with wall), so all of the houses that occupy this shelter land usually have a typology of kotangan house (semi-permanent, with wood and bamboo). The tenants are not allowed to rent or move the leases right to others too. This “Ngindung” system is a long-term and hereditary and landowners have prerogatives right any time to dismiss the tenant. The phenomenon of “ngindung” system occurs in many urban villages in Yogyakarta.

In 2013 the landowner of Pringgokusuman intends to sell his land to star-rated hotel investors. After the negotiation and the agreement process between landowners and buyers completed, the tenant are informed to immediately dismantle his house in December 2013. Because because it will soon be built 4 Star Hotel, named Hotel Royal Darmo on the land. 50 household of residents are given compensation of funds amounting to 5-10 million rupiah per family. Because all of the people here are like a family, they agreed to remain a community in the future, the way is to collect the compensation fund from the landowner to find a new land in another location that is affordable and could be divided into 50 lots.

Several land sites were sought by forming a team, and finally the community agreed to buy 2135 sqm plot of land in Tegaldowo, Sewon District, Bantul Regency. The location of this land is 10 km from the Pringgokusuman village. After buying this land, they agreed to form a Pringgomukti Community. Pringgo is taken from the name of the old village, Pringgokusuman, and mukti means life forever. With the shared ownership of the land, they expected an advanced process to create their new environmentally friendly village and become the future for all its community member.

In November 2016, Pringgomukti Community finally met Arkomjogja and they request to get the assistance related to the planning of new settlement on 2135 sqm land. Then, the community agreed to form and divided into 5 groups and do group savings every day 5000 rupiah per family and meet regularly every Sunday at 9am-12am to collect savings, build an organizational system, discuss the process and stages of settlement construction.