CAN Co-Create Regional Workshop with Kampung Beting Pontianak.

Beyond Emergency: Shelter by Survivors
October 10, 2018

we are together, from, for, and by Kampung Beting Community

Activities with the Co-Creation model are being warmly discussed in a planning process, especially planning that uses a community participatory approach. CAN (Community Architect Network) has begun to implement a planning model co-create with a workshop that was conducted at Chum Saaeng, Thailand in 2016. The co-creation applied to this process is the involvement of government, expert and community stakeholders in a process mapping / planning / designing of an area.

Two years later in November 2018, Indonesia hosted the CAN Co-Create Regional Workshop. Precisely now it is the turn of Arkom Pontianak, one of the Arkom Indonesia networks that started the process with the CO-Creation Project in Kampung Beting. This regional activity was attended by colleagues from various countries such as Thailand, the Philippines, and even Bangladesh. Not only from international participants, architects of community across the country also participated in enlivening the Kampung Beting, such as from Yogyakarta, Solo, Surabaya, Bandung, Jakarta, to Makassar.


This activity began with the introduction of all participants before coming together towards the Pontianak government and the community of Beting village in the next day. Introductory activities are also not applied in a ‘ordinary’ way, but with fun methods brought by friends from CAN Thailand.

After getting to know each other, in the evening all the workshop participants from various regions merged into one and attended a dinner from the Pontianak City government. On this occasion the participants also had the opportunity to meet Kampung Beting community who participated in the dinner.

Start The Process

The next day, after entertaining dinner, the Pontianak City Government now invited the participants to come to the Bappeda office to sit together to discuss what plans the government has, and plan what people want.

Friends from Arkom Pontianak and community of Kampung Beting then presented the results of the mapping that had been carried out long ago. They convey the results and data as a form of action to show their participation to the government what needs are actually needed by the community.

A little short story, Kampung Beting is a village where the sultanate of Pontianak and one of the oldest mosques named Jami Mosque in Pontianak City is located. But the valuable of historical meaning of this kampung which is located very close to the Sultanate and Jami Mosque is covered by the perception and negative stigma of Pontianak people in general for this Beting Village. They said that the village is full of ‘dark’ activities, making this village left behind and really close to the dark. The negative stigma was resisted by friends from Arkom Pontianak who brushed aside fear and use the power of positive courage to visit the forbidden village. The positive spirit becomes a positive magnet for every process until they find a citizen they call ‘Ayah’ (re: Father). This Ayah figure led the Arkom Pontianak to enter and recognize the surrounding community. It did not stop at that, the persistence of the Arkom Pontianak friends in proceeding Kampung Beting led the opportunity for them to held the CAN Co-Create Regional Workshop in their place.

The days of the workshop continued, this time the participants were present directly in Kampung Beting, located across the river from where they were staying. Every morning at 9 o’clock, all participants gathered at the pier, guided by friends from Arkom Pontianak to cross the Kapuas River using a canoe to Kampung Beting.

The in-depth process carried out by the participants was done by sitting with the community, revealing what had been closed, opening the tangled threads of the problems that had actually occurred in the village. One by one the problems began to open, starting from the excavation of the problems that emerged from the private side of the community to find the common thread of the problems that really became a problem with the environment around Kampung Beting.

The participants were divided into several groups then began to present what they got from their observations while seeing, walking, and telling stories with the residents.

Garbage problem

After a few days of identifying the problems that existed in Kampung Beting, the problem of garbage that filled the river and under the house on stilts in Kampung Beting became a source of the main problems that felt by the community.

The participants and community then agreed to raise this issue to the city government as a first step in restoring Kampung Beting’s condition, which had received little attention so far.

The workshop activity was then continued with the preparation of exhibition events and the delivery of results from residents to the Pontianak City Government, especially to the mayor of Pontianak.

The late night did not depict the fatigue of the faces of the participants and community who were present at the Badminton Building because of the youthful enthusiasm of the children of Kampung Beting who would prepare themselves to appear tomorrow in front of the mayor and his staff was awakened the enthusiasm of the other participants. The song of the Kapuas River with the accompaniment of Malay music is one of the encouraging melodies on that night.

Beting on That Noon

That morning the participants and the community wake up and prepare themselves earlier than usual. The hope of welcoming the mayor was overwhelming for everyone at Beting at that time. Anxious and hesitant had come to approach a number of participants and organizers who did not want to disappoint the Beting community if the mayor was not present. The convoy had prepared themselves to stand on the edge of the dock moving to welcome the upcoming mayor that day. Right around 11 o’clock in the afternoon, it appeared that the Mayor of Pontianak in his official attire came across the Kapuas River with his boat to Kampung Beting and was greeted with great fanfare and warmth by the community of Beting.

Happy and blessed feeling at the same time approaching all the people present in the Badminton Building. The moment of the Pontianak City Government to first set foot in Kampung Beting, which has been given a prohibited stigma, has become a happy moment for the Beting people. They conveyed what they felt about their village, proposed a plan to be heard and could be supported by the city government. Momentum where the government hears directly what is needed by citizens. The initial momentum for the development of Kampung Beting is in accordance with the context.

Not The Finish Line

The feeling of happiness was not only felt by all residents and local committees, but all participants from various parts of the region felt it. But the struggle is not over, the moment of the prize is not an end, but the beginning of the true struggle of the people of Kampung Beting.

We and all of Beting Community, will continue to fight together to bring our dreams come true.
Warm greetings from the banks of the Kapuas River

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