Kali Pepe

Surakarta Government has severely pro-poor policy and programs. It is supported by the profile of City Mayor who very close to the people and have a deep politic basis in grassroot community. This condition make the poor very appreciate and respect to The Mayor even they are ready and confirm with all the government program. It is our 1st challenge when we aim to empower the people.

In general, this program is co-creation workshop in collaboration with local government and architecture students from local university (Sebelas Maret University). This is also advanced program after participatory mapping workshop in 33 kampungs in Kali Pepe riverside on last January. Now we are carrying out participatory program in Kali Pepe communities through main government program 100-0-100 (100% sanitation, 0% slum, 100% clean water access) until 2019, because of this, participatory mapping in 33 kampungs, training workshop for students and pilot project participatory implementation were paid by local government.